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WP4: Sustainability and capacity building

Strategies and procedures will be developed for the sustainability of wastewater monitoring in national policies and for the improvement of cooperation mechanisms between the EU and Member States. Face-to-face and online training resources will be provided from the final outputs of the different work packages to ensure knowledge transfer and to reach a wide audience, especially in developing countries.


  • Contribute to governance framework to secure the sustainability and financial viability of the wastewater surveillance at national and EU level.
  • Strategy framework for capacity building and capacity building events.
  • Deployment of online training resources to increase surveillance capacities at national and EU level for current and future human health threats.
  • Coordinate and prepare Sustainability Report.

WP4 leader

Tasks in WP4 and partners involved

Task nameTask leaderParticipants
Sustainability aspects of Governance FrameworkRIVMRIVM, THL, SSI, INSA, NNK, LIST, HSE, UPHC, ISS, NIPH, EODY, INSP, ANSES, UPAT, UCD, HSE, DGS, Adp Valor, DGS-FR
Sustainability plan and Sustainability ReportNNKRIVM, INSA, UPHC, NVSC, LIST, NIPH, ISS, EODY, SSI, THL, INSP, AdP Valor, DGS, UPAT, UOC, UCD, HSE, DGS-FR
Strategy on capacity buildingNIPHLIST, THL, UPHC, INSA, RIVM, NNK, ISCIII, NVSC, INSP, UCD, HSE, DGS, Adp Valor
Capacity building workshop, pilot promising approaches and progress assessmentHBNNK, PHC, RIVM, INSA, NIPH, Sciensano, NVSC, CDPC, ISCIII, LIST, NVSC, BIOR, LBMC, UCD, Adp Valor
Establishment and deployment of online training moduleLISTRIVM, NIPH, INSA, Sciensano, NVSC, NNK, UPAT, UCD, HSE, ISCIII, DGS, Adp Valor, UB