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WP3: Evaluation and preparedness

The main goal of this work package is to assess the preliminary impact of EU-WISH and the potential integration of its results into public health preparedness plans. In parallel, the effectiveness of wastewater-based surveillance as a public health decision making tool will also be evaluated.


  • To evaluate the implementation against the workplan.
  • To assess the achievement of the objectives and expected results and the attainment of the KPIs.
  • To assess the effectiveness of wastewater surveillance for public health surveillance and preparedness for the different priority targets and objectives.
  • To develop recommendations and model procedures for the integration of wastewater surveillance into public health preparedness plans with the active engagement of the relevant national, European and International competent authorities.
  • To coordinate and prepare the Evaluation Report.

WP3 leader

Tasks in WP3 and partners involved

Task name

Task leaderParticipants
Evaluation of implementation and impactRKI    All
Evaluation of the effectiveness of wastewater surveillanceUOI?    EODY, INSP, Sciensano, THL, LIST, RLDGW
Integration of wastewater surveillance in public health preparedness plans EODY    NIJZ, Sciensano, ISS, RIVM, THL, HPSC, SSI, LIST, NVSC, UTH, UB, DGS, AdP Valor, ANSES, UOI